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Looking to do a trial flying lesson from Shoreham in the UK or wanting to carry out a Shoreham flying experience or pleasure flight in England, we can help you.

You'll be astounded to find out that
flying an aeroplane from Shoreham in the UK is about as easy as driving your car. All aircraft flying from Shoreham in England are dual controlled so that your instructor can assist you and will correct any of your moves, so there is not a chance that you can get anything wrong.

The Piper Cherokee shown above which is used for most flying lessons from Shoreham in the United Kingdom is one of the safest small four seat flight training aircraft operated from Shoreham airport at the south coast of the UK. Thousands of these aeroplanes are in service around the globe and they are great for learning to fly in England, because they are so easy to fly, they are so stable they almost fly themselves.

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The Spectator Platform at Shoreham Airport

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Flying over Shoreham Airport

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Starting Flying Lessons from Shoreham

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Inside the back of a typical Piper aircraft


A typical Flying Lesson from Shoreham in the UK

To start your flying lesson from Shoreham, Sussex, England, after a walk around to visually check the fuel levels, tyre pressure and oil level, you climb into the cockpit by stepping onto the starboard wing (on the right hand side) and then slide into the pilot seat which is on the left side. Your Shoreham flying instructor will follow you in and sit in the right hand seat which is also where a passenger or your girlfriend or boyfriend can sit when you have a pilot's license. If you had brought along a friend or two for your flying lesson, they would sit in the back, there are two seats. You all fasten your seat belts for the flight from Shoreham airport.

Your flying instructor in England will switch on the electric master switch which will power up the radios, navigation equipment, strobe lights and beacons, and he or she will listen to the ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) which is a pre-recorded message which will announce which runway is being used for today's flying lesson, how strong the wind is blowing and from which direction it is coming from. You will be able to hear that from the cockpit's overhead speaker system and also from your headset. Your Shoreham flight instructor will start the engine, put on his/her headset and then press the microphone button which is situated on the steering wheel and ask the tower for taxi clearance. You will also find a microphone button on the steering wheel in front of you. A typical radio call will be 'Good day tower, Golf Alpha Lima request taxi for a local flight to the east'.

A local flight means you are not flying to another airport, you are just flying around locally to the east of the Shoreham airfield, typically within a range of around twenty or thirty miles or so.

The tower will normally approve taxi and will instruct your flying instructor along a taxi way to the runway that is in use. Brakes are released and a little power is added which will spin up the propellor and the aircraft begins to move forward. Your flying instructor will reduce the power and step on the brakes to check that they are working, then reapply power and slowly taxi along the taxi way to the runway.

Near the runway the aircraft is positioned into wind and power is reduced to idle and the brakes are applied. Here is where the flying pre-takeoff checks are being carried out and navigation units and compass are checked, power is applied and temperature and oil pressure is being checked, suction is checked, carburettor heat is checked, both alternators are being checked and the throttle lever is brought fully back to check that the engine will idle. Then the stick (steering wheel) is being pushed in and out onto their stops and turned full left and full right to check that it is fully free and at the same time the position of the ailerons are checked to make sure that when you turn the wheel left, the left side aileron moves up which will force the left wing down and bank (turn) the plane to the left. Take off flaps are set and seat belts are checked and the door is checked for being locked securely for this flying lesson from Shoreham airfield.

And that's it, your flying lesson from Shoreham airport can commence.

Your flying lesson instructor will press the microphone and announce 'Golf Alpha Lima is ready for departure' to which the tower will reply 'line up runway two zero' and the tower may also add 'cleared for take off'. The flying instructor will read back the clearance and push the throttle fully open and the aircraft will begin to roll for its flight from Shoreham airport. Depending on how heavy the aircraft is if you also invited friends to come along, at a speed of around sixty five knots or a little faster the flying instructor will gently pull back on the stick and the airplane will steadily begin its climb. At around 300 feet up in the air the flaps are retracted, the power is normally adjusted for cruise climb and you are steadily heading towards the clouds, if there are any.

This is normally the stage where your instructor will hand the aircraft over to you. You will be able to fly the aircraft all by yourself from this point, while your instructor watches carefully. It does not matter if you have never ever flown an aircraft yourself. If you make a mistake your instructor will correct it for you using the controls on his/her side. You fly the aeroplane for as long as the lesson was which you booked. If there are some clouds you can do some fluffy bashing, which is great fun. Or you can turn the aircraft to point to where you live, fly over your house. Your friends and family may be watching from the garden. You can even waggle the wings to let them know it is you up there in the plane. Just have fun. When it is time to return the airplane to the airport your instructor will guide you with compass headings and heights, while you continue to fly the plane. Only when you are about to land, then the instructor will resume full control of the airplane to make the actual landing.

For those who are worried about flying an aircraft, even with a fully qualified pilot sitting in the next seat, we have pasted in a few YouTube videos below, just so that you can see how relatively relaxed the cockpit environment really is.

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